Import Custom Token

The Raiden Network supports transactions of ERC20 compliant tokens. Any smart contract that implements the ERC20 interface can be used with Raiden.

Importing the custom token Solidity code is done via the Remix Ethereum IDE (Ethereum's integrated development environment). You can read more about ERC20 tokens in this GitHub repo.

Screen for importing a custom token
  1. Start of by getting the Solidity code for an ERC20 token from this GitHub gist.

  2. Enter the URL for the Remix Ethereum IDE in your browser.

  3. Under "Environments" click "Solidity".

  4. Under "File" choose to import from "Gist".

  5. In the pop-up that appears enter the ID, a779c0277f2fc5c935e2b2f62e49da49, of the gist you just viewed.

If the import was successful you should be able to open the imported code from the file explorer on the left hand side menu.