Join a Token Network

To make payments in Raiden you first need to join the network by opening channels for the token you want to make payments with.

You can join a token network by either:

What is a token?

Each token complies to its own ERC20 smart contract which has a total supply of tokens.

These token contracts are like a registry where different amounts of the total supply is mapped to different owners.

What is a token network?

Anyone running a Raiden node and owns a token can join a network with other nodes who own the very same token.

All nodes registered within such network form a token network.

Quick Connect

Quick Connect lets you automatically open channels to nodes recommended by a Path Finding Service.

If you click the "Transfer" button without having any open channels for the selected token you will get prompted to use Quick Connect. Alternatively you can click the three dots on the top right of a token network view and choose "Quick Connect".

When using Quick Connect:

  • Enter the total number of tokens you want to allocate

  • Distribute the token amount between the recommended partner nodes. Only if a deposit is selected for a node, a channel will be opened.

The amount you choose when connecting is what will be available for making payments. You can always add more funds by depositing to a channel.

Quick Connect is an on-chain activity that will consume some of your ETH. Opening fewer channels will reduce the gas cost proportionally.

You are now ready to make the first payment!

Registering a new token

Registering a new token is only relevant on the testnets. The tokens allowed on mainnet for the Alderaan release are DAI and W-ETH.

If you want to join the network for a token and that token is not displayed in the list of tokens it might mean that it has not been registered.

To register a token yourself:

  1. Click "Select network" in the tokens view.

  2. Click "Add new network".

  3. Enter the address of the token you'd like to register and click "Register".

You can follow the steps for Quick Connect to join the network of your newly registered token.