API Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use Raiden via the API by walking you through a few API calls. The steps are similar to the WebUI tutorial, but directly use the API endpoints.

We will outline the steps necessary for participating in a token network. To see all available endpoints visit the resources part of the documentation.

In the examples throughout this tutorial we will be using a hypothetical ERC20 token with the address 0x9aBa529db3FF2D8409A1da4C9eB148879b046700.

Check if Raiden was started correctly

Before we start we'll make sure that Raiden is running correctly.

This gives us an opportunity to introduce the address endpoint.

curl -i http://localhost:5001/api/v1/address

Your Raiden node is up and running if the response returns the same address as the Ethereum address used for starting Raiden.


You're now ready to start interacting with the different endpoints and learn how they can be used to: